Friday: 2:55 PM Gulfstream Post; 3 Carryovers

Gulfstream plans a 9 race Friday, with three carryovers on the race card. Post time will be 2:55 PM.
No stakes races are on the card. Lost post will be 7:20 PM or so, for those late arrivals. It’s race day 52 in this meet ending late September.

The carryovers; the Rainbow 6 wager at $95,355. Gulfstream is setting a guaranteed gross

pool of $175,000 if a single winner is found. The Super High 5 wager will offer a $7,641 carryover in race 1. Lastly, the Late Pick 5 was NOT hit Sunday – a rarity – that’s a $94,227 carryover. The Post times are:
Super High 5; race 1 at 2:55 PM
Rainbow 6, race 4 at 4:38 PM
Late Pick 5: race 5 at 5:12 PM

In last Sunday’s (7/17) racing, 16 winners hit the Rainbow 6 wager for $2,797.42 each. No bettor had 6 of 6, so the payout was 5 of 6. South Pointe Drive won race 8 at 40:1 odds; the main reason for the tough handicap.

All sources track handle was $5.68 million Sunday.


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