GP West Sunday: $86,095 Carryover on Late Pick 5

The Gulfstream Park West meet  will have a Late Pick 5 carryover of $86,095 on Sunday.
That is far below Powerball territory.  But chances of a payoff are greater on the Late Pick 5, and are based on handicapping rather than luck.

GP West’s big day for the Late Pick 5 will  follow two consecutive days, Friday  and Saturday, when there were no tickets with all five winning horses in those races.
First post is 1:15 p.m. for Sunday’s ten-race-card, which has no  stakes races.  The GP West meet  is at Calder in Miami Gardens.
On Sunday’s first race, there  is a carryover  of $1,513 on the Super Hi-5.

The Late Pick 5 is on races six through ten with the sequence scheduled to start at 3:59 p.m.

Sunday’s carryover on the Rainbow  6 is $46,365 on the GP West races.

The Rainbow 6 is on races five through ten with with the sequence scheduled to start at  3:26 p.m.

 On Saturday, four winners of Late Pick 5 races were at 11-1 or higher.  The payoff for tickets with four winners was $1,365.95 on the minimum 50 cent bet.

Saturday’ wagering on the Late Pick 5 was $109,290.  Bettors were chasing a carryover of $16,430. 

We projected that wagering on the Late Pick 5 would be $100,000 or more.

For Sunday, we expect that Late Pick 5 wagering could be higher than $250,000. That would be very high for that bet at a Gulfstream-sponsored meet other than its championship meet.

The Saturday parade of longshot winners resulted in a payoff of $20,675.95 for the minimum 50-cent bet on the Late Pick 4. 

Saturday was the second straight day without any Rainbow 6 tickets that had all six winners.

So, Gulfstream made its non-jackpot payoff to tickets with five winners.  There were five such tickets and each paid $5,834.54 on the 20-cent only bet.
Bettors wagered $52,274 on Saturday’s Rainbow 6.  Of that GP West took out 20 percent, divided 56 percent among tickets with five winners and added 24 percent to the carryover.

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