Sire Stakes Saturday at Gulfstream – Rainbow 6 Jackpot Hit

The first leg of the Florida Sire Stakes will be run at Gulfstream Park August 4th. First post is at 12:15 PM with a 13-race card scheduled. See our prior post on the Sire Stakes at:

Meanwhile, the action was up to par on Friday, with 9 races run under clear-good conditions. The Rainbow-6 jackpot was hit by a single winner for $734,403, which included the new money pool of $134,108, minus the takeout, and the carryover of $627,139. It was not particularly a tough handicap in our opinion, with 50 starters in the mix, and one long-shot winner (Blue Whale, 33:1) in the 7th race (maiden claimer on dirt).

Two favorites won in races 5 and 8, and the last race (9) was taken by Precocious Peach at 7:1 odds. That was it! You never can be certain of course on the stats each race day to continue to predict success.

So the Pick-6 will reset to $0 carryover today. The late Pick 4 and Pick 5 paid handsome as well: $5,977 and $10,039 respectively. Today’s Super Hi-5 does have a $2,849 carryover – expected to be run race 1 with 10 entrants.

The Sire Stakes races (12,13) kick off at 6:04 PM.


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