Rainbow 6 Hit by Single Ticket for $505,610

By Jim Freer

There was just one winning ticket on the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream Park on Friday, and it paid $505,610.72 on a 20 cent-only bet.

The program numbers on the six winning horses were  1-3-8-8-6-10.

The single ticket win takes most of the excitement away from Saturday, when there will be a mandatory payout on the Rainbow 6.

If there had been multiple wining tickets on Friday, the carryover on Saturday would have been almost $400,000.

Now. there will  be no  carryover going into Saturday.

However, multiple holders of winning tickets will divide 80 percent of the day’s Rainbow 6  bets.

On most days, those tickets divide 56 percent of the day’s Rainbow 6 bets and 24 percent goes into the carryover.

On Sunday, there also will be a  new Rainbow 6 pool, with no carryover going in to the day.