Gulfstream Wednesday Preview: Super Hi-5 Bet Will First be Offered on Third Race

By Jim Freer

Gulfstream Pak has an eight-race card today with first post at 1:15 p.m.

A highlight will be a carryover of $14,330.75 on the rolling Super Hi 5, and will first be offered in the third race with scheduled post of 2:17 p.m.

The Super Hi-5 was originally scheduled to be offered on the first race. 

But this morning two horses, Great Aztec in post 5 and Amache in post six, were scratched from the first race.

That  left the race with just five  potential starters.

Gulfstream offers the Super Hi-5 only on races where seven or more horses leave the saddling area for the track.

We will have coverage of today’s Gulfstream racing on the Latest  Racing News section of this  Web site and on our blog.

Based on recent Gulfstream betting patterns, it is likely that $100,000 or more will be bet on the rolling Super Hi-5 in today’s third race.

It is a $1 minimum per combination bet with an 18 percent takeout.

Gulfstream pays out the Super Hi-5 pool and carryover only if there is at least one ticket with the first five finishers in correct order.

Otherwise, the carryover rolls over to the next race with seven or more starters. There are no consolation payoffs, such as four of five.

On Sunday, there were no Super Hi-5 winning tickets on the last two races on which the bet was offered. 

Thus, the carryover went into Wednesday—giving bettors two days to handicap the first race. Now there are several  hours left  to handicap the  third race.

Here is the recent history

Last week there were no winners of the Super Hi-5 on the last race on Sunday May 15.

That led to a $32,146 carryover on Wednesday May 18’s  first race. Bettors poured $234,801 into the Super Hi-5 pool.  While precise data is not readily available, that could be the most on the Super Hi-5 at Gulfstream during the spring meet.

The 6-5 favorite Sonaheir won that race, leading an order of finish that produced a $416.00 payoff on $1 bet.